Practice for energy therapy  

Energy Therapy

De Rodute is a practice (both human and animal clients are very welcome!) for energy therapy treatments in Soest, The Netherlands, owned bij Michael van Roon. This natural therapy is based on the fact that everything around us, including our bodies and those of (companion) animals is energy. The frequency of this energy gives shape to matter and makes us who/what we are. (Re-)Creating balance on the level of energy can be the ultimate way to treat a variety of physical, emotional and spiritual challenges.

The treatment
The base of creating (energetic) balance can be described as a light touch. The therapist uses his hands to transfer healing energy of a natural high frequency, the body can resonate with. This causes a response of movement, healing or even transformation of a problem. Both reading information from energy and contact with spririts are leading in this part.
In addition to the manual approach, a biotensor (energetic measuring equipment) is used to look into your energy pattern.
To expand the efficiency of the treatment, De Rodute devoloped a concept to carry a personal combination of healing frequency liquids with you in a small bottle (De Rodute Mini).

An energetic treatment can also be done from a/any distance, based on a photo. The therapist makes contact to your energy (or your animals’) from a meditative state of mind.

ConsultancyThe intuitive way of working with and reading energy can be of great value for other professions, working with animals (vets, zoo’s etc.). Contact De Rodute for issues that require more than just your own intuition.

The book: ‘Your pet, it’s you!’
Michael van Roon (therapist at De Rodute) wrote a book about the resemblance of challenges both human and animal counterparts get in their lives. This practical guidance to ‘read’ the relationship between you and the animals that live with you, is being translated from dutch to english and will probably be launched at the World Animal Energy Conference 2018. Click here for the dutch version.

Animal consultation (45 min):                              € 42,50
Human consultation* (45 min):                            € 47,50
Consultation based on photo (45 min):                € 27,50
De Rodute Mini (inc. Shipping costs whithin NL): € 17,50
Consultancy (per 60 min):                                    € 60,-

All costs are including 21% BTW (NL) ,exept for the human treatment which is exempted, excluding eventual traveling costs (€0.19 per km within NL). Most animals are treated in their own environment, small animals can come to the practice.

*Human consultations qualify for reimbursement by your health insurance if alternative care by VBAG therapists is included. AGB practice: 90062245 / AGB Therapist: 90102841